8 Months And Counting

8 months before I came to Switzerland, I had almost idea what Swiss food was. Like most of the people in the world (or at least in Asia), the limited items that I could visualize from Swiss cuisine was fondue, rösti, and a ton of cheese and chocolates. After living in the canton of Luzern and Schwyz, I can safely say that at least I know a little more now. Stuck in a small town and living right above my workplace, the only sane thing that surrounds me is food. Swiss food. So being completely stone bored during a usual workday and being swamped with grub from the land of the neutral, I decided to create a blog dedicated to Swiss food and maybe a little of its culture as well. Lets just hope that it works out….


One thought on “8 Months And Counting

  1. Right now lots of people would not mind to be stuck in a small town and appreciating the fragrance of cheese day and night. It beats staying in Malaysia and Singapore and getting choked up by the burning bush and forest of Sumatra. The PSI or measure of air quality has exploded beyond unhealthy last night and if the PSI
    measurement reaches 400 anytime soon this is urgently unhealthy and we need to take action on our part to
    Protect ourselves. Luzern and Schwyz suddenly looks like a good place to go to ……… For a dose of clean, fresh, Swiss mountain air.

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